Lewis Furniture Store Specials

Lewis furniture store specials offer you deals on quality furniture and electronics. These stores cater mainly to the lower to middle income groups and therefore specials are especially important as money can be tight. With over 430 stores across South Africa including nearly 50 stores in countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and Lesotho, there really is something for everyone and a store near you.

This company is very business savvy and has realised that in order to meet people where they are, they needed to develop a new store format in order to be situated in high traffic spaces where the rent is expensive. As a result, they began opening smaller stores (approximately 250 m²) in these high traffic areas. These stores are comprised of key merchandise lines and the balance of their products available are displayed either on screens in store, or via electronic catalogues. These catalogues and touch-screen displays offer the customers the chance to view the entire product range in conjunction with viewing all the colour and fabric options. This really is an ingenious way of getting people to interact with their stores in a unique way.

Now you may be wondering what makes Lewis furniture store specials so special. Well this organisation sources innovative and exquisite products both locally and internationally and this allows them the opportunity to offer their clientele unique, quality products, at really affordable prices. If you are interested in viewing the products that Lewis has to offer and take a look at their specials, but would prefer to do it from the comfort of your own home then do not be confused by going to the Lewis website.

This website explains all of the business language you could think of, and is not really for their consumers but rather their investors. Although very confusing, there is another website that you can visit that will not only show you their latest catalogues, but will invite you to enter competitions. This website is www.lewisclub.co.za. Here the world of Lewis comes to life with beautiful product displays as well as articles that you may find informative.

The Lewis Club is a membership club that is open to everyone. By joining the club, which can be done in store, you open yourself up to a world of specials and competitions. This club has a magazine that is distributed to all of its members and includes all the newest product ranges that can be found in Lewis stores and Lewis Home and Electric stores. This magazine additionally showcases all of the latest specials and is a great place to look for new ideas for your home. In addition to this, Lewis has developed this magazine to inform and help its members with other issues in the home. As such, there are articles about the home, about DIY, and products, as well as articles pertaining to your life. This includes articles about your life, your money, and your health. But what is more is that they don’t stop there as there are also articles pertaining to family situations such as pregnancy, children, and your relationships. They also provide delicious recipes to complete the home as no house can become a home without a good home cooked meal.

From what I have noticed, this organisation is not just a money making organisation, but rather they believe in helping their target market with all aspects of their lives. It is obvious that they believe in enriching their consumers’ lives by offering not only quality products and services, but by taking the extra step to helping their consumers with other facets of their lives. In addition to this, this organisation believes in giving back to their communities and as a result, they have a number of charities that they support as well.