Products from Verimark, Homemark and Glomail

There are a wide range of products from Verimark, Homemark and Glomail including kitchenware, fitness gear, automotive supplies and toys. All the products are available from the franchise stores, from larger retail stores that stock them and through an order system.

The products from these three stores are well known for their innovative quality, their affordability and the fact that they work well. Whatever you need for yourself, your children, your home or your car, either Verimark, Homemark or Glomail will have the ideal product for you.


About Verimark

Verimark was founded by two entrepreneurs in 1977. Now, over thirty years later, Verimark employs over 1 000 people and is the market leader off the African continent. Verimark aims to provide top quality products for many different uses. Verimark has won many awards over the years including SA Best Entrepreneur two years in a row, SA Non Listed Company of the Year, Role Model for the New Millenium and several others. They are listed on the JSE Stock Exchange main board in 2005 and were the fourth best performing share in 2010.


A Verimark store


Verimark products

Verimark offers a large range of products in several different areas including health and beauty, house ware, cookware, cleaning tools and items, DIY solutions, automotive gear and accessories, educational and pure entertainment toys, exercise and fitness gear. They are serious about showing the consumer what their products can do through in-depth infomercials, advertisements and show casing of new products at large franchise stores where they are sold. You can find Verimark products at the Verimark stores dotted throughout the country and in the rest of Africa, or in stores like Game. You can also order Verimark goods online.


About Homemark

Homemark is a fast growing corporation that was founded in 1992 and aimed to offer customers innovative products that could make a difference to their living standard and daily experiences. They now have over 500 staff and are available nationwide. Their core vision is a three part one: take care of and meet the aspirations of their staff, provide the very best products and services to their customers and to achieve the goals of the shareholders. Homemark focuses on two different markets; the retail market and the direct response market. They use infomercials, advertising, live show casing of their products and their 24 hour home shopping channel to sell their products.


A Homemark store


Homemark products

Homemark offers a large range of products across many different areas including cleaning and storage, kitchenware, hobbies and toys, DIY solutions and outdoor gear, automotive gear and accessories, clothing and accessories, hair and nail care, skin care, foot care, massage and relaxation products and sports and fitness equipment. Some of the brands that Homemark offers include Igia, Royal Diamond, Comfort Pedic, Remedy Health, Air-o-Space and Milex. Their products are known for their quality and durability and the fact that they work. There are guarantee and warrantee options on some products.


About Glomail

Glomail, known as the ‘as seen on tv’ corporation, was established in 1973 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful product retailers in the country. They develop and source innovative products, produce infomercials and advertisements and distribute their products to over 50 countries around the world including America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Far East. They are well known for producing trustworthy products that consumers have come to trust and rely on. The Glomail head office is situated in Midrang, Gauteng, almost exactly between Johannesburg and Pretoria.


A Glomail store


Glomail products

Glomail also offers a large range of innovative and exciting products for many different areas including beauty products and accessories, educational and entertaining toys for children, DIY solutions, tools and gear, fashion accessories, fitness gear and accessories, grooming items, health products, home ware, kitchenware, outdoor gear and accessories, swimming pool treatments and tools and much more.