Weekly Checkers Promotions

Checkers has a range of different items and products on sale every week. Some of these items may be products that you make use of every day. Finding ways to save small amounts of money on items that you use regularly could save you thousands of rands a year. You will definitely not regret making use of discounts where you can.


About Checkers Stores

Checkers is a well-known franchise in South Africa that offers a range of perishable and non-perishable food items, household cleaning products, plastics and kitchenware, appliances, garden and outdoor equipment, tools and products, pet equipment and food, toiletrees, basic medical equipment and medicine and much more.Checkers store in South Africa

There are also many Checkers Home stores throughout the country that offer a large range of furniture and other household items. There are a large amount of Checkers stores throughout the country, ranging from small stores to large warehouse-like stores. Most towns have at least one Checkers, if not more, and you will usually not have to travel far to find a Checkers to shop at, wherever you live in the country.

Checkers is a trusted household brand that provides a range of affordable products including some brand name items that are slightly more expensive as well as the well-known ‘no name brand’ goods that are a Checkers staple. These items are known for their quality and their affordability and you will definitely save on your monthly expenses.


Making use of the weekly Checkers promotions

Every week, Checkers has a range of different items on special; from mops and buckets to tins of baked beans. If you simply walk down an aisle at your local Checkers store, you will be able to spot signs highlighting specific items that are on sale and the amount that you are saving by.

Checkers also distributes pamphlets listing their specials in many newspapers throughout the country and you can find your pamphlet in your local paper most of the time. If you would like to view the weekly specials and promotions online, you could visit the website and view them there. You could also contact your local Checkers (or the head office) and ask for more information on any specials or anything else.


Other promotions, discounts and vouchers

There are many, many other stores that offer regular discounts and promotions on certain items. The trick is to look for chain stores that are known for being well priced, and then to target the larger warehouse-like stores for your shopping. Look for promotions, apply for rewards cards whenever you can and always use them.

If you bank with FNB make sure to use your eBucks card to earn as many points as you can so that you can use them at a range of different shops on a range of different items. Sign up for coupon and voucher websites where you can be sure to find offers on a whole range of items that will save you a lot of money.

There are a huge amount of ways to save money when you do your shopping. Many magazines offer discount vouchers on items and easy to enter competitions. The rule should be: if a rewards card, a competition or a voucher is not going to cost you anything other than effort to obtain or apply for, then you should definitely get it.

Rewards cards, promotions, discounts, specials, vouchers and competitions as well as the brand of store you choose to shop at will all affect the amount of money that you spend on your groceries and other shopping. Shop smartly and you will save a lot of money every month.