Woolworths Specials

Most of the latest Woolworths specials can be seen immediately when walking into a store. You will not see the price reduced, but you will know that there is a special running by the red sticker on the product that tells you exactly what you will be saving when purchasing it. Products with this red sticker can be found in different departments: the vegetable section, the cold food sections, the dry food sections and also the toiletry sections, which include baby nappies, baby wipes and also deodorants. Many people will say that Woolies is just too expensive, but the truth is if you compare prices on most of their products with other stores, you will find that Woolworths either matches their prices or is a little lower or more expensive.

The truth is no stores can compare, because prices are different all over the country but when it comes to Woolworths specials, you will definitely save. If you are looking for quality foods, then there is no better place to do your shopping. Also, another thing you will notice when it comes to buying the specials that are always running at Woolies is the receipt. The receipt will show you the original price of the product you purchased, the amount you are saving and the amount you are paying.

Make sure that you visit a Woolworths store in your area and take advantage of their specials, because when you might think that the same product will cost a few Rands cheaper, you might be wrong. As mentioned before, you can’t really compare prices because prices are different at all stores. So look for those red stickers that will tell you exactly how much you are saving in a “percentage” or in “Rands” If you find that the price marked on a product is high, you will pay what is shown on the red sticker. Take advantage of Woolworths specials and save!